Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

I suppose most of the BUDGET TRAVELERS like me face this same problem :

Buying Obsession  +  Limited Luggage Weight
=  Overweight Luggage Charge$$$$$  leading to


PS:  NONE of the hotels EVER provide a weighing scale in their rooms (even 5 stars ones) and by the time you weigh your luggage on the AIRPORT weighing scale, IT'S ALREADY TOO LATE !

That's when I came up with this iPad applications idea :

Yes, you're right, my idea was to invent an iPad Application which combines iPad with Weighing Scale. Let's just call this the iPad Weighing Scale App (iPWSA)....

Since an iPad is just 9.56 inches high, 7.47 inches wide and 0.5 inch thick,

it's absolutely the IDEAL SIZE to stuff it in our bagpack and bringing it along while we're travelling (and it's weight of less than 1kg will never contribute to the overweighing of my luggage too ! )

So that when it's time to pack our luggage to go home, we can just use it to weigh our luggage to see whether it exceeds the weight limit or not ~ ~

  (PS: ngam ngam means "exact amount" in hokkien)

And this can save us a whooping amount of the extremely crazy OVERWEIGHT LUGGAGE CHARGES  !!!  woohoo ~

HANG ON !!!  

There's another big problem besides shopping obsession when you're on a holiday trip,


Lotsa Nice Food + Uncontrollable Desire to EatExcess Fat Accumulation

So you need someone OR SOMETHING that would make you weight-conscious, preventing you from over-eating. That's when the iPWSA comes in handy again.... 


 It helps you keep track of your weight & prevents you from over-eating and transforming into a BIG FAT PIG upon completing your trip !  

Basically, that's the idea i had. Simple yet realistic LOL. I really hope iPad could invent this application so that with an iPad on hand, we can travel without worrying about getting overweight AND also being charged like hell for overweight luggages, which will entirely ruin our holiday trip.....


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Finally, just to let ya know, iPad is now available through Maxis, and Maxis also offers Data Plans exclusive to iPad, tailor made to suit your needs! Click here for more information  =)


  1. 哈哈。。
    再压也不会怎样啊 XD

  2. walao.. U are amazing !!!!
    Little Shark..Great Idea !!
    I like it

  3. thankeeww veli muchieee lubaobei haha....

    如果你是评判那该多好 XD